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7 Years  / Matthew Doinidis (Brother)  Read >>
7 Years  / Matthew Doinidis (Brother)


Sure has been some time now since you have past. So much has happened  since you left it's unreal that you have been gone for so long already. I really wish you were here with us all to expirence your kids growing up and becoming adults. I know you would be really proud of them.


George found a great girl, Joey is almost finished with school and I'm getting married in January. So much we wish you could be apart of. I really miss you very much and I know we will one day see each other again. Know that you are deep in our thoughts and you are truly missed.







7 yrs today  / Donna (Mother)  Read >>
7 yrs today  / Donna (Mother)
My sweet Tina. It's hard to believe that you have been gone 7 years. Time passes so fast. Georgie and Alex were here this past weekend. We were all sitting around talking about the times we had with you. Georgie said I can't believe it's been 7 years mom. Alex said she wished she could have met you. Tina you would have loved Alex. She is so sweet. Also your son Johnathan is a daddy. He and his wife Annie had a beautiful baby girl. You would have been a grandma. Jacobs doing great. He's in the ROTC at school and loves it. He's so handsome in his uniform. Kathleen looks just like you. Matthews getting married to Emily. You would have loved her also. So much has happened good and not so good. We've lost grandma and a few others you knew. I so wish you were her to celebrate the good times with us. You would have been vey proud of your children. Johnathan graduated from high school. He said I so wished mom could have seen me. We all miss you and the joy and laughter you brought to us. We have your memories left with us. Will continue to share them. We love and miss you. Will see you in the new kingdom. Love always, your mother. Close
The time will come to tell the kids the truth  / Jessica   Read >>
The time will come to tell the kids the truth  / Jessica
My heart still breaks for your children Tina. I know they're almost adults now and they'll know the truth soon. Close
happy birthday  / George Doinidis (brother)  Read >>
happy birthday  / George Doinidis (brother)
Hey sis i miss you greatly its crazy how the years are flying by. Happy birthday you are missed dearly Close
Happy Birthday 34  / Mother   Read >>
Happy Birthday 34  / Mother
Dear tins missing you everyday especially today on this special day your birthday. Close
Love You  / Susan Valle (friend)  Read >>
Love You  / Susan Valle (friend)
Tina, I think of you and your father always!!! Donna take care. Close
Angel Quote  / Angelica Grover (Twinless Twin)   Read >>
Angel Quote  / Angelica Grover (Twinless Twin)
Make yourself familiar with the angels
and behold them frequently in spirit;
for without being seen, they are present with you.
St. Francis De Sales

Thinking Of You, It's Been 3 Years  / Aunt Trisha   Read >>
Thinking Of You, It's Been 3 Years  / Aunt Trisha
Tina, sweetie, i miss, and love you so much, it has been 3 years today, it is hard at times, life does go on, but sometimes i hear a song, or see a movie, or i might be doing something, and i just start thinking about you, and tears come, it does still hurt, like i said life goes on, and we live it, and get caught up in it, but i do think of you, i am still asking God to help me to not have any hate in my heart, for others that i feel caused you so much pain in your short life, i still have aways to go, i cant lie, God knows my heart, and little by little God is helping me get all this hate out, i know people are going to be who they are, I, or no one else can change a person, only GOD can, but i know God is working on me, everyday, I just leave it all to the Lord, he is watching over us, and knows what we can handle, and what we cant, God has none some wonders in ourlives, if only we would sit  back, and really see what God has done, to show us we belong to him, and he will make sure that know one breaks us down, i know you are running on streets of gold, in heaven, and i cant  wait to see you again at heaven's gate, until that time, give Jesus a big hug for your aunt trisha, i love you sweetie, and i will NEVER FORGET! aunt Trisha! Close
Thinking of u on ur angel date  / Jo-Ann Pacenta Lauren's Mom (Angel family friend )  Read >>
Thinking of u on ur angel date  / Jo-Ann Pacenta Lauren's Mom (Angel family friend )
Things are so diffrent  / Johnathan Nelson (Oldest son )  Read >>
Things are so diffrent  / Johnathan Nelson (Oldest son )
Ya know from time to time how things in ohio have been so different i don't no what to do. I feel lost i miss you all so much it seams so unreal to me and i look at the pics of jacob and kat i miss thim so much it really dose hurt, to see them grow up and not see them face to face and kat i feel so horrible of what i did. I loved her i really did to see kat right now i would give her a big hug and never let go and throw jacob next to me and sit down and play mabe even games with them ya know i don't feel like the john i once was im not scared any more. Once this is over im going to see every one again and we all will hopefully sit down and have a big bach of spagetti and texas toast like old times. Jacob Kat I love you both with all my heart i mean that Kat, we will see each other again if you want later down the road. Grandma you've been through alot i now you have and you've been so strong Mom would br so proud of you Grandma i love you all very much Mom look over them you all will be in my HEART Close
I had a day of silence for you yesterday  / Heather L. (soul sister )  Read >>
I had a day of silence for you yesterday  / Heather L. (soul sister )

When your birthday comes around and your day you went to heaven comes I always have a day of silence out of respect to you and to your mother and children. I have no words for that day, just good memories and prayers to your family.

I love your kids so much and I know you are their gaurdian angel now. You were a angel in life as well. You wore your heart on your sleeve, even if you knew you may get hurt.

Donna, I pray that God gives you the strength everyday to get through the day and have a moment, even just for a minute, for  you just to breathe.

Many Hugs to you, the kids, and her brothers.  I love you all and God Bless and Donna call me if you ever need some one to talk to or comfort and give the kids hugs from me all the time and let them know that I miss them every day and love them like they were my own.

hugs and loves,

Heather Renee'

Happy Birthday Beautiful Christina!  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )  Read >>
Happy Birthday Beautiful Christina!  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )

For You Donna  / Becky (Connected By Our Angels )  Read >>
For You Donna  / Becky (Connected By Our Angels )
Unconditonal Love  / Heather Feather (SoulSister)  Read >>
Unconditonal Love  / Heather Feather (SoulSister)


To My sweet soul sister,

I call you my soul sister becasue I am a only child and I always felt from the moment I met you that I wished you were my real sister, so I feel like we were sisters of our souls instead of birth sisters.

I miss you so very much and think about you everyday. I think of your children every day too and your mom. I know that you Donna just have to take it a day at a time and it is not right for a child to go before a parent, but we never know what God's plans are for us. I know that I sound like a broken record when I say thank you for all of the great memories you and your children and your mom have given me, but you just had such a beautiful heart and so does your momma and your children.

The thing I think I miss the most about you are just the hours and hours of just sitting around the house and talking forever about life and really about everything. I never had a sister to talk about things to growing up. That is why I feel so blessed that God sent you to me to be my sister by heart. I really feel super bleesed that you let me into your children's life when they were just little ones. I appricate it even more knowning that I can not have children of my own. So I hold on to those memories that I was so blessed to have with your children.

I will do anything for them, just as I did when you were alive. I will always let them know of the unconditional love that you had for your kids. You loved your children more than anything in the world and you were a great mother to them and I know that on days that you were having a really hard time they held you together and gave you tremendous joy,strengh, and happiness.

When I am a old woman one day I will still remember you children and all the heart warming memories you and they have given me. Donna you are such a strong woman and your strength through this unbearable grief has really taught me to be a stronger person myself. I love you John, Jacob, and Kathleen and I love you Donna as if you were my own mom.

Love and Hugs As Always and I will always try to still be there for you and the children in anyway I can,

Heather Feather

Happy Easter  / Jane Speidel, Mom Of Adam Waymire (connected by angels )  Read >>
Happy Easter  / Jane Speidel, Mom Of Adam Waymire (connected by angels )

Happy Valentine's Day  / Robert L. (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Valentine's Day  / Robert L. (Friend)

Dear Tina,

Since it is valentines day I just wanted to let you know how much you are loved and will never be forgotten. As Heather's father , you know that I always looked upon you as a daughter. It always made me happy when you would come to me to ask my advice about things in your life. I pray that my love and advice to you helped in some way to ease your pain. I know that you can read and see everything I am writing to you as this is typed. You will always be loved and missed by Heather and me but at least the only thing that helps your passing is to know that you are in God's arms now and will never have to suffer again. I loved as my own and always will. When it is time for me to pass then I look forward to hugging you and once more being a part of my life. You know that Carol loved you also and I am sure the two of you are together. So this is just to say not only happy valentines day but to send you love and happiness and to let you know how much Heather and I miss you. Your kids are wonderful and you know how much we love them. Though you are happy and well now we will always hold you dear to our hearts and glad that you never have to suffer or be sad again or go through the many things that you and I shared in our conversations when you were here with us.

Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart and God's love and blessing are with you as well as ours.


Happy Valentine's Day  / Heather L. (SoulSister)  Read >>
Happy Valentine's Day  / Heather L. (SoulSister)

Just wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day to you soul sister. I am so glad you showed up in the form of a beautiful butterfly. Your mom really needed that for so long now. Now she knows you are always with her and your children.

Thinking of you and your children and you mom always and forever.

Much love and many warm hugs,

Heather Feather


Happy Valentines Day Christina!  / Janicemom2Jennifer Pokerwinski (angel friend )  Read >>
Happy Valentines Day Christina!  / Janicemom2Jennifer Pokerwinski (angel friend )

Love & Hugs, Janice and angel Jennifer

Christina / Justin Lesh's Family   Read >>
Christina / Justin Lesh's Family

Dear Christina,
Sorry it has been awhile. Please know that you and your loving family are always on our mind and in our hearts. Sending you all lots love and many many HUGS. Stay close to your family and let them feel you near. You are missed so very much ^j^
Justin Lesh’s Family
~“new address” ~
Angels / Angelica Grover (Twinless Twin)   Read >>
Angels / Angelica Grover (Twinless Twin)
The angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God.
~Quoted in The Angels' Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994

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