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We will always remember your laughter your smile and the joy you had for your children and for others.
Beautiful Tina  





Tina, God gave you to me on July 16, 1974 and you were the only girl out of 4 children. I, was young and you were the second child. I, manage to take care of you the way I, was suppose to. I, had some hard times with you, though I, did what I, knew was best. We did not agree on alot of things because I, myself was blinded. We don't come with instructions on how to care and do the right things. I, know I, messed up plenty of times, but one thing is for sure. I, know that if someone loves you they will never want to hurt you. I, just wanted what was best for you, and when we are young we think that mother's don't care. I, know alot of times you never felt loved by some. Even though you never felt loved you expressed your love to others, because that's truly what you wanted. At the age of 15 she wanted to marry. So I, went on with it. Later, she found out she was pregnant, but the marriage had already started to take it's toll. She went on to live with a christian couple that lived in lousianna, that took young girls in her situation. She did not stay with her family because of our disagreements. Later on she called to tell me she was walking with the Lord again, and was so happy with her life. She then inspired me and my husband, to look at our own lives. We were then led to the Lord. She had Johnathan, and moved back to Texas to stay with her family. She then got an apartment, had Jacob and got married again. She was on top of the world. She then had Kat, and felt her life was complete. She loved her children, when she spent time with them, it was not with money, she gave her time to the children. She loved Christmas, cold weather, she loved to cook. And oh how she loved noodles, she ate any kind of noodles you could think of. She was so caring to other's, she loved to be with her brothers. She loved company. She would always express how much she loved me, when she wasn't mad at me. As I, look back at the last few month's together we had so much fun together. When hurricane Rita, was suppose to be heading our way, we all had so much fun together even though a major storm was heading our way. You made us laugh, we all walked in the wind, we jumped, acted silly, we cooked. Everynite when you went into your bedroom you would put your children's pictures right beside you. Those were all precious moment's that were taken away because you never had your right to speak, that is why I, leave all the condolences posted, for all to see. Even in your death, some still abuse, but honey I, feel peace, because you are in Glory, no pain, just love, and your heart could take no more. In your letter to me, you said mother I, know you won't understand why I, took my life, but I, do because unless you have never experienced severe depression you will never know. And when you feel like you have no one, it's that much harder. So rest asure that I, understand and I, will do my best to help those who don't. Please love your children for who they are. We live in such an all about me world today. I would never wish for someones child to take their life, no matter how they did. I know I will see you one day again, until then just know you touched a lot of lives. I, Love You so much!( mom )
Christina suffered from depression and bi-polar disorder. Through all the pain she managed to do her best with her children. Her children is what kept her going. She left a legacey that was full of laughter, caring for others and making the best out of life, even with her suffering, with such horrible pain that tormented her most of her life.

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